Dehydrated Skin – Thank you to those who have asked me questions about skin or skincare

From watching one of my videos. Somebody asked what they can do to help their dehydrated skin?

Basically a quick and cheap fix would be to drink more water. I know that sounds random but it is true.  If you increase your water intake your skin will become naturally more hydrated.  I am not saying this is enough but it is a big start, and best of all it is FREE!!


But of course there are a few products to help dehydrated skin too…

Like a said yesterday the chocolate delight enzyme peel is a go to product this will feed your skin the nutrients it needs as well as removing dead skin cells to allow your moisturisers to soak in better. Dehydrated skin really benefits from the chocolate enzyme peel.  I would follow the chocolate mask adding the soft as silk serum to your skin. This is full of essential oils to help heal your skin as well containing macadamia oil which is amazing for its healing properties for your skin.  This oil is derived from macadamia seeds making it perfect for people with nut allergies as well.

Follow this with the whipped cream moisturiser, this is a creamy formula and very hydrating. Once your skin is feeling more hydrated you can begin to use LA Skincares plump up moisturiser instead of the whipped cream and as and when you need more you can swop back again

This is the whole point of LA Skincare you can just combine the products and swop and change them for as and when our skin changes, which is daily for some people. Listen to your skins individual needs.

products to help dehrated skin


I have been using LA Skincare for over a year now and I haven’t looked back, I have used so many Skincare brands but they have left my skin so dry but with LA Skincare my skin has come back to life and I am always having people ask what I am using. I will always recommend LA Skincare, This is has reminded me I need to order some more.

I hope this helps

Thanks for listening and watching my videos, I’ll be back with some more answers to other questions very soon xx