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WE WON!!! – have you tried our award winning product??

WE WON!!! – have you tried our award winning product?? Here at LA’s HQ we are feeling extremely excited to announce that we have won the […]

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Have you seen how LA Skincare has helped people with acne prone skin??

Watch our latest video and find out how the LA Skincare range helps people with acne prone skin.

Healthy skin is not just about skincare…

Healthy Skin is not just about skincare… Recently I have been looking more and more into foods and how they can effect your skin. We can […]
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Ever wonder why your skin is dry and dull? Could it be washing your face?

Do you ever question what is wrong with your skin? Ever wonder why your skin is dry and dull? Could it be washing your face? Have […]

Do you suffer from skin dry skin? You exfoliate and still it is dry – why??

Dry Skin? – Exfoliate all the time to get rid of excess dry skin and yet still dry skin?  Wondering why you still have dry skin? […]
Kerry Ellis

Kerry Ellis – being our brand ambassador

Kerry Ellis – Brand ambassador I am so excited to announce we are appointing Kerry Ellis as our brand ambassador… Known for working in musical theatre, […]
Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated Skin – Thank you to those who have asked me questions about skin or skincare From watching one of my videos. Somebody asked what they […]
Diet and skin

Diet and Skin

Diet can help puffy eyes – how? Diet and skin go hand in hand. Healthy skin does not just require a skin care regime or routine.  […]

Wash or not wash? Do we really need to wash our face?

Wash or not to wash? Wash your face? I have always believed and was taught you need to wash your face morning and night. I love […]
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The Winter Dry Skin survival guide / LA Skincare

The Winter Dry Skin Survival Guide In the brutal cold and snow of winter comes yet another adverse weather condition: Dry skin. And the bad thing […]
products to help dehrated skin

That Natural Oil Syndrome

 Natural Oil Syndrome | LA Skincare Natural Oil Syndrome | LA Skincare.  We all want the best for our skin these days, natural this and natural […]

The Dirty Little Secret Of What Is In YOUR Beauty Product

So many of us use beauty products because they look good, they smell good and they DO work on our skins. I mean that is really […]

Get That Plump, Youthful Face – The Secret Of Matrixyl

Every single lady wants that glowy, plumped up radiant face and mainstream media has made sure that we, as women think it is only possible with […]
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