About LA Skincare

Skincare to treating the whole problem rather than individual symptoms

Who’s behind LA Skincare?

Hi I am Louisa Ashforth, the name behind LA Skincare, not Los Angeles as many think.  I have owned a beauty salon in Sheffield for 20 years.  For this reason I would say I am really experienced and entrenched within the beauty industry and I wanted to deliver a skincare range of unique, personalised skincare, which was simple to use.

My promise

I want to educate everyone on their skin.  I would love for you to start listening to your skin and paying attention to what is going off…

Just remember great skin is not just about great skincare.  LA Skincare’s goal is to achieve beautiful skin in a simple way.


Lots of love…

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Great skin is not just about skincare

I wanted each product to contain key ingredients which will adapt to each skin type to avoid the customer feeling overwhelmed by 100’s of products as well as forever changing skin.

Our skin changes all the times for many reasons such as lifestyle choices, hormones, stress levels and environment.  For example, one month we could suffer with sensitive skin, then change to oily.  Do you know what I mean?  Stress is a massive factor.  We all know when we have caused our bodies too much stress.  It shows in our skin.  LA Skincare can help transform your skin simply and with maximum effect.

Treating your skin as a whole is more impacting than just skincare.

I believe our skin is the window to what is really going off inside our body.

Important step – many miss out

LA Skincare is all about exfoliation, which I believe is the key to most skin problems.  If you do not have the right canvas any moisturising products used will not soak in.

A little like butter on cold toast, it’s never soaking in.  That is a bit like your skin, without removing the excess dead skin, moisturisers are not able to soak in properly; therefore they are not having the maximum benefit.

Problem areas can be covered and left untreated without exfoliation and it can lead to dull, congested and problematic skin.  Here are a few different explanations on skin types/problems:

Acne Oily Dry Sensitive

Holistic Approach

LA Skincare works on the deeper layers of your skin, it is not just a cosmetic range, it can help change your skin from the inside.

I like to call LA Skincare your tool kit, you can adapt the products you use vary the amount we use them.  Or just add in one of the specialist treats for maximum impact.  Even better, introduce parts of the aromatherapy range too.

However great skin is not just about great skincare.  Like I said it is massively impacted by our lifestyle.  Treating your skin holistically can have bigger impacts than just skincare alone.

That is why I have expanded LA Skincare to include aromatherapy, which can be simply introduced to create a more stress free lifestyle.

The ethos

I wanted a range that allows you to tailor it for your specific skin requirements.  My goal is to educate people on their skin.  I want people to listen to their own skin and understand what is happening in their body.

Once we understand our skin and our bodies we can adapt the way we treat our skin.  I want each of us to achieve fLAwless skin.  The ethos behind the LA Skincare is ‘beautiful skin made beautifully simple’.

Cruelty free

My products are clean vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, naturally inspired and deliver real results.  I am very excited to share this amazing brand with you.

Looking after planet

At LA Skincare I am making every attempt to become as plastic free, as possible.  I am in the process of changing the packaging of LA Skincare to be in glass jars or recyclable plastic bottles with aluminium lids or aluminium bottles, so I can recycle with ease.  Where there are no alternatives to the small amount of plastic used, I use plastic that is fully recyclable.


Lots of love…

Louisa Ashforth Signature