So many of us use beauty products because they look good, they smell good and they DO work on our skins. I mean that is really what we want, right ? We want that firmer, youthful beautiful skin without the effort. We want to wake up refreshed and happy however in doing so, we do not pay attention to the insidiousness of WHAT is actual going into the stuff we happily smear all over our faces to look beautiful?!

Somehow, somewhere along the line, you will have heard of a very unknown word called Parabens. Most of us just know them as some preservative that is put into your lotion or face cream as part of the production, however do you REALLY know what Parabens are, and what they do ?

My likely guess is no. Parabens are the dirty little secret that more than likely your beauty products contain, that you are unaware of. Anything along the lines of Methylparaben, Isoparaben, Butylparaben and Propylparaben is to be avoided when you check the ingredient list of any cosmetics and skincare line you choose, to use. They are linked to carcinogenicity, the tendency to produce cancerous cells in the body. I am sure, that is the last thing you want ever want to experience and yet, more than often, big brands USE parabens to keep their products fresh and on the shelves for longer!  It is a medical fact that estrogen stimulates breast cancer, and anything that is absorbed through the skin has a 10 times higher dose than what is ingested, orally.

Many large cosmetic brands have tried to conduct studies on the “safety” of paraben use within their cosmetics and skincare lines, much to their dismay, none of the studies have come back proving that these fatal toxins that we are only so happy to apply onto our skins, are actually safe. Most of these reports have been hidden in plain sight, so that they average consumer such as yourself and I, never really find out about this stuff!

Yet this is where LA Skincare DIFFERS. I got tired of seeing this dirty secret concealed, again and again that is where LA Skincare was born. Paraben and toxin free, this complete, delicious range of all your skincare needs essentially means that YOU get to enjoy radiance, naturally.

You know the way it is supposed to be…

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