Kerry Ellis – Brand ambassador

I am so excited to announce we are appointing Kerry Ellis as our brand ambassador…

Known for working in musical theatre, as well as collaborating with Brian May.

I first saw Kerry Ellis in Wicked the musical and was totally wowed by her. I approached her a few years after when I had created LA Skincare and asked her if she would like to try my products.  She was very courteous and met me back stage where I could give her the products.  I am not really one to be wowed by celebrities but I won’t lie I did find myself a little wowed by her.  She seemed so down to earth and a really genuine person, I instantly liked her off stage as well.

She tried my products and really liked them, which meant so much to me. She continued to use the products and I decided to ask her if she would like to be the brand ambassador of LA Skincare as she genuinely liked the products.  I would always rather have someone genuinely promote the brand than just be paid to tweet etc.

She said YES!

“I am so thrilled to be the brand ambassador for LA Skincare. I love the way my skin feels using the products. My favourite has to be the Squeaky
Clean Cleanser. It’s amazing!”

I was so excited when she accepted my proposal…

So watch this space we will be working with Kerry in promoting our brand over the next year.

Currently Kerry doing her own tour celebrating 20 years since her West End Debut. I highly recommend seeing her, her voice is amazing.

Keep an eye out for

more exciting things happening with our brand

Louisa x