Diet can help puffy eyes – how?

Diet and skin go hand in hand. Healthy skin does not just require a skin care regime or routine.  It starts with you and your diet and your lifestyle.  I know we hear all the time we need to take care of ourselves, ‘cut this our cut that out’.

However, I am not talking about a diet to make you lose weight. I am talking about being healthy from the inside and your skin will naturally follow suit.  Your eyes can be a massive tell-tale sign if things are not right within your body.

Diet and skin

         Diet can play havoc with your skin


Did you know poor diets can lead to water retention which can show in your face, as puffy eyes… To help release excess fluids from your body you could try to reduce/cut out fatty foods, especially meats, refined sugars and salt. Try looking at introducing more vegetables and fresh fruits.

Your face analysis

Did you know in ancient Asia they look at your face and can analyse what is happening in your body, in the same way we do with reflexology (for your feet).  The eyes correspond to the Kidneys, which is responsible for removing toxins from your body.  Cleansing your body can speed up the body’s natural way of getting rid of toxins, which can help reduce puffiness in your eyes.

Fizzy Drinks… No no!

The other massive thing to help reduce water retention is to increase your fluid intake; increase with water. Funny that isn’t it, to get rid of excess water, drink water!  Try cutting down on coffee and fizzy drinks.

The perfect drink to start your day: hot water and lemon, this will kick start your body into working better and increases the toxin elimination process.

Did you know some creams used around the eyes can also cause puffiness, by seeping in to your eyes and gathering which can lead to puffy eyes. Sometimes you need more of a gel formula such as our plump me up gel moisturiser.  If you do use a cream it needs to contain starch to avoid this happening.

How products can help…

Face masks are a great way to detox your face. LA Skincare’s chocolate delight enzyme peel eliminates toxins due to the high concentration of antioxidants; this is an intense treatment to use once a week, it will more than likely make your skin red but this is all part of the treatment. Your red skin is an increase in blood circulation, which then encourages collagen production.

You could also try using our soft as silk oil which contains rosemary which helps reduce puffiness.


There are many natural (some free) things you can do for puffy eyes…

Ice pack – use frozen peas and cover with a towel and place over eyes to soothe

Fresh Air


Steam rooms


For dark circles you can try strawberries over the area as very bleaching