Detract attention away from skin issues…

Self Conscious

There are many things you can do to detract away from skin issues.  I know if you have skin issues, nothing makes you feels as self conscious.  I am not saying ‘get over it’, as I know this is easier said than done.  However, we can do soooo many things to help detract attention away.  Just until we get it sorted of course…

So what can you do to detract attention away from skin issues

I am always trying to show that skin and the quest for physical beauty is far bigger than just skin!

I know we all want that quick fix.  That one product that will lift, or get rid of acne, or hid those fine lines.  You will hate me, but it just doesn’t work like that, unfortunately.

Let’s talk about what you can do if you have a problem that bothers you.  What can do you while you’re waiting for your skin to improve?

  1. You can take attention away from your skin – I will share some tips below.
  2. You can take some simple steps toward supporting and healing your skin – discussed in many of my blog posts.

What detracts attention from skin problems?

Nothing skin related – being nice and showing that you take care of yourself is a massive way to detract attention away from skin issues.

I’d like to share with you what influences my perceptions when I meet people and what I myself do to put my best face forward.  Skin is a living organ and reveals everything that is going off inside our body.

Skin can be very hard to control, but these simple habits are manageable.


Smiling and looking happy is attractive.  People can’t help harbouring feelings of goodwill from a genuine smile.

If you look unhappy or grumpy, you will only add to any negative perceptions people may form.

If you have breakouts on your face, but you’re smiling at someone, do you think they’re thinking about your skin or your smile?

Your smile!


That’s the first thing they will notice, followed by what comes out of your mouth next.

Don’t you feel good when you receive a warm smile or see someone laughing with joy?  Are you thinking about someone’s zit when they’re smiling at you? Probably not, and if you notice, you probably won’t care.

If it’s hard for you to smile because you are not feeling good, that’s understandable.  But, give it a whirl!

Be nice to other people.

A kind personality is a very powerful way to influence how people perceive you.  Kindness makes us more likeable.  When you’re likeable, people think you’re more beautiful.

You don’t have to actually do anything nice, but feel some kindness, warmth, or generosity, and it will show in your eyes.  The eyes are remarkable in how they much they communicate unconsciously.  It’s the first thing we look at in a face.

I cringe internally when I meet someone with an unkind or look in their eyes.  No matter how physically attractive they may be, my natural instinct is to find them unattractive and stay away.

Be NEAT and TIDY in your appearance.

Looking neat and tidy, in my opinion, goes a long way toward looking attractive.  That’s the whole point of fussing over skin, isn’t it?  We want to look attractive, whether it’s for dating, work, or our own satisfaction.

We are born looking the way we are, and we can’t change the genes our parents gave us.  So we have to accept that and just be glad we are healthy (hopefully you are) and able to experience what life has to offer.

Some people have the the financial means to alter their appearance, through facial/body procedures, dental work, expensive hair cuts and clothes, fitness trainers, nutrition coaches, regular facials, etc.  Most people do not.

While having those means is certainly helpful, you don’t need great means to look great.  You can improve your skin and overall appearance with a modest budget.

Create an impression

To me, the key to looking great is presenting yourself with a tidy appearance.  You want to create an overall impression that you take care of yourself, which signals that you value yourself.  This in turns sends an unconscious message to other people that you are valuable.

Because you are!

We each have something valuable to contribute, and you shouldn’t allow your appearance to hold you back.  But it helps to package yourself like a neatly wrapped present.

When your skin is struggling and you’re not comfortable with the way it looks, then showing cleanliness and neatness in other facets of your appearance offers another benefit – a strong counterbalance.

A lack of overall tidiness tends to reinforce a lack of uniformity in problem skin.

Being neat and tidy doesn’t cost much, it just requires effort and extra time.  If you need to do things yourself (like ironing your own clothes or colouring your own hair).

Here are some tips to consider.  When you read this list, you might think some of these tips are ridiculously simple or obvious.  But everyone has different standards of acceptable hygiene. Some of us take these things for granted, but they are not so obvious to others.

You’ve got this!

Give some of these a try.  I am also a big fan of heals!  Not everyone’s cup of tea, I know…  But I feel empowered when I wear them.

Just message for any further info or tips…

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