LA Skincare has a unique set of 6 products: including cleanser, exfoliants, serums, creams, sunscreens and oils. We give you the choice to tailor your skincare specifically to your needs.

But first you need to listen to your skin to know where to start…

Understanding your skin is the first step to a fully developed skincare routine. Consider the skin concern you want to address – is it fine lines and wrinkles you want to target? or a set of blemishes which need to be calmed?  LA Skincare’s selection of products caters to any skincare concern – ageing, blemishes, pore refining and healing.

You can even mix and match the solutions to get your perfect combination.

Once you’ve chosen your solution, now is the time to start building up your routine.

Consider your morning and evening routine separately – they cater to different skin needs:



In the morning, a light cleanser will gently wash away oils produced overnight.

Our foaming face wash is perfect – and no need for a toner either as you rinse away any excess cleanser with water – acting like a natural toner.


(if your skin is feeling dryer than normal – if not miss this step)

After cleansing, you can add a targeted serum (Soft as Silk is perfect).  Antioxidants such as vitamin C are vital to apply in the morning to protect your delicate skin from the environmental damage throughout the day.

Moisturiser and sunscreen

Combine your moisturiser and sunscreen.

Our Plump me up Gel formula is perfect for anti-aging or blemished skin and a fantastic make up primer. It s perfect for around the eyes as well.

You could also to choose to layer the Whipped Cream over the top, or you could use this one on its own.

The evening is the time to bring out your most nourishing formulas and the best active serums.



Use Squeaky Clean Cleanser as a make-up remover and it is also a balanced cleanser to buff away facial makeup.  No need for a toner as you rinse away the excess cleanser with water.


The skin is most active at night, when skin cell regeneration becomes supercharged.  This makes it the ideal time to use serums which also speed up skin cell renewal.  Certain vitamins can be deactivated by sunlight, making some ingredients in serums ineffective.  The Soft as Silk is full of vitamins to help heal and rejuvenate skin.


Overnight is also the ideal time to rehydrate, as richer moisturisers have time to sink deep into your skin.  Opt for a creamier moisturiser to truly nourish and rejuvenate delicate skin as you sleep.  The Whipped Cream over the top of the Soft as Silk Serum is perfect.  Even though the Whipped Cream contains SPF it is still fine to use at night.

Layering Skincare

You may want to use more than one serum or treatment to target different skin concerns at the same time.

When layering skincare, begin with the lightest formulation and build up layers with heavier textures.

You can layer the Soft as Silk, Plump me up Gel and the Whipped Cream Moisturiser if you felt your skin needed it.  This is sometimes really nice to do on an evening to allow all of the creams to penetrate deep into your skin.

Extra Skin Treats

These are all ways to treat the skin on a day to day basis.  However, we need extra treats to help our skin.  You need to exfoliate your skin, so you need to scrub 1 – 3 times per week depending on your sensitivity.  Also a deeper exfoliant such as an Enzyme Peel should be used once per week.  This will keep that dead skin at bay, plus your skin feels and looks amazing afterwards.  ENJOY!

Need more help? Arrange a free skin care consultation

Sometimes expert skin advice is needed which is why we offer free skin phone consultations to help point you in the right direction with no purchase necessary. One of our skin care experts will talk to you about the skin challenges you are facing and advise on the best way to solve them. To arrange a free consultation simply message today.