With the temperature dropping and Christmas just around the corner, we know what’s on everyone’s minds… and no, we don’t mean the last-minute present run, we mean dry skin. We all want to look like the girls in the magazines: unphased by the cold and snug in their jumpers ready for the festive fun.

So, cracked lips, you ask – how do I stop it?! I know that I certainly don’t want my skin all flaky and dry in the December cold snaps. Thankfully, we know a few tips to smooth out the situation. Here at LA Skincare, our skin-savvy experts are here to help tackle the cold taking effect. We’ve got the low down on how to stop the winter freeze affecting your skin and it’s oh so super simple…

1. Moisturise

So first, we’ll start with the obvious. Dry skin + moisturiser = hydrated skin, simple as that. These products are here for a reason and that’s because they work! There are many products out there for winter care (coconut oils, hydrating creams, etc) but we recommend our own moisturising lotions for best effect, like LA Skincare’s own divine Chocolate Delight, enriched with shea butter to seal in the moisture you need.


2. Carry a Balm

Carrying a moisturising balm around with you when you’re on the go is a good idea too. Licking your lips when they’re cracked offers no relief long-term. The blistering cold acts on them and leaves your skin drier than ever before. To prevent this, pack your lip balm in your bag when you’re going out and the protective layers from this will stop further cracking.

3. Hydrate

As our bodies are made up of 60% water, it always works to stay hydrated, even outside of the winter season. At the best of times, being dehydrated will leave you fatigued and headache harrowed, but it will certainly affect the skin too if you don’t replenish moisture. In fact, it’s so important that your body has built-in warning signs…. a thirst, sore throat and dry lips means it’s time to have a drink of water. So do! If you treat your body well, your body will treat you well too.

4. Eat Well

Everyone says ‘eat your greens’ and it’s true. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will provide your body with all the nourishment you need. Be it for hydration or vitamin revitalisation, water-based veg works best to supplement what it is your lacking, so be sure to chop up some celery, cucumber and carrot sticks ready for snacking. Alternatively, if it’s the hands that are cracking, you need you some more omega-3 fats. These can be found in olive oil and salmon so get some of those on your dish too.

5. No Conflict

Here’s another thing, don’t think the heat from inside will save you. Whilst it may be soothing, seriously extreme heat will shred your skin with the temperature contrast. Think about it like hair straightening without heat-protection spray – it does more damage than good. So, if you’re having a bath or showering, ensure that it’s warm but not too hot, and perhaps change your morning/night routine to a cream or serum suitable for your skins needs.

6. Just Be Gentle

Whilst all skincare products are beneficial in certain situations, I’d advise to not overdo the exfoliators in the colder months. They are helpful on most occasions but with such sensitive skin at the moment, it will cause damage if used too often, so use it in moderation. Instead, stick to gentler products that smooth and don’t scrub, like our Soft as Silk serum that’s rich with essential oils.


So, don’t despair! The winter blues are well and truly over. Our rich and revitalising products are here to protect you so that the harsh winter weather no longer leaves you hiding your face. Our smoothing creams and serums are assured to make anyone’s sensitive skin feeling and looking better in no time.


If you’re looking for winter skincare relief check out LA Skincare’s remarkable range of moisturising products here.