Wash or not to wash?

Wash your face? I have always believed and was taught you need to wash your face morning and night. I love the way my face feels when I have cleaned it.  How about you?

However sometimes it can feel over clean and then your skin is over stimulated and starts doing things you don’t want it to do, like produces too much oil, or starts becoming dry and flaky…

wash - dry skin, winter

Everyone says something different… We at LA Skincare believe everyone is different and everyone’s needs are different. Even from day to day individual needs can change. So what do we do? Wash or not wash?

Celebs openly say they do not wash their face morning and night. Is this wrong?

A dermatologist said they have nothing bad to say about people not washing their face, water alone can clean enough without adding anything.

Personally I love cleansing my face and I firmly believe if you have make up on or do a manual job it is a necessity, however if you have washed your face at night and thoroughly rid your skin of makeup, a splash of water may suffice the following morning.

When you think about it I guess it makes sense. If we look at men (not all) some do not even bother about products and washing and generally their skin is good.  I am aware this is changing and many men, including my hubby love their products…

The reasons we do clean our face are:

wash Squeaky-Clean-Foaming-face-wash-cleanserRemoves make up – not removing make up will clog pores and cause a build up of congestion which is not great for your skin. This layer needs removing.
Removes oil – Some people produce a lot of sebum and if you suffer from acne and don’t wash your face congestion will build and excess sebum will build and this causes more spots, resulting in a vicious circle, our squeaky clean cleanser contains salysilic acid which helps reduce excess oil without drying your skin
Removes dead skin cells –Our skin become less efficient as we get older and our skin does not naturally shed which can cause skin to look grey and dull. Cleansing with our squeaky clean cleanser will help shed dead skin and leave skin radiant

Skin conditions – some cleansers contain moisturisers which help soften skin; squeaky clean contains lactic acid which can help with moisture so it doesn’t leave your skin dry. This can help with conditions such as eczema, acne or rosacea.

Don’t forget though listen to your skin. If you think it is drying your skin too much because may be you are over cleansing and using too much product.  You could be too aggressive and be stripping your skin of the natural oil it needs. Try using less product and more water, or just thoroughly cleanse at night and rinse with water in the morning and see how this feels.  As and when your skin is ready you can always go back to morning and night.

Our advise at LA Skincare is ‘always listen to your skin wash if you need to and rinse if you don’t’