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Discover the LA Skincare treatments.

Relax, revive, rejuvenate. Our LA Skincare treatments have been perfected over the years. They are performed in salons across the world and are tailored to your skin.

LA Signature Facial (60 mins)

Price - £50

During the initial consultation we use our unique skin diagnostic to analyse your skin and life style, as well as looking through our wood lamp to asses any areas of your skin that may be dry, sensitive or oily.  We can then target specific areas during your specialist facial.

Uses a blend of powerful products, with ingredients designed to target specific skin concerns.  The LA Signature Facial signature facial is a 50 minute treatment of pure luxury. Combining six incredible products which have scientifically proven ingredients to target skin concerns. These products suit all skin types and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Consisting of a deep facial cleanse using Salicylic acid and exfoliation using LA’ s unique raw sugar scrub and followed by the deep penetrating Chocolate Enzyme Mask.  We also include hot towels to deeply exfoliate.

Nourishing products are then applied to include pressure point facial massage – not only does this feel incredible, it also creates lymphatic drainage, to remove toxins from your skin.

In order for active ingredients, vitamins and minerals work efficiently they need to get into the cellular level of the skin, and penetrate through all of the top skin layers. LA Skincare products contain ingredients that do just that – they work at deeper levels to stimulate your skin. Initially LA Skincare Signature Facial does just this by applying deep exfoliating products to help resurface the skin and then the nourishing products are able to deliver active ingredients into the cellular level. These products invigorate your skin resulting in fine line reduction, balancing oil production to help with acne and also giving your skin that amazing red carpet glow – leaving your skin clear and healthy.

Because everyone’s skin is different LA Skincare’s facials can be adapted to suit your needs. From anti-ageing to acne-fighting, every facial is designed to target and treat your skincare concerns with faster results. Advice is given for your individual skin needs.

Please look on our stockist page to find your nearest location for the treatment.


Repair & Renew (40 mins)

Price - £40

A speedy way to kickstart your skin and get that natural glow, be red carpet ready! – this facial quickly resurfaces/exfoliates your skin using microdermabrasion with diamond tip, followed by LA Skincare’s Soft as Silk revitalising serum is massaged in to allowing your skin to fully recover and renew your skin. The treatment is finished off with green LED therapy to help repair sun damage and pigmentation.


Detoxify (30 mins)

Price - £40

Quick Fix – Cleanse with salicylic acid foaming wash, followed with raw sugar sweetie scrub, enzyme peeling mask to give you a healthy glow and eliminate the toxins from your skin. A thin coat of our Soft as Silk Revitalising Serum is applied, followed by LA Skincare’s lifting lotion – Plump Me Up Gel Moisturiser.  The perfect pick me up for your skin, especially when you haven’t got time.


LA Sensitive Facial (30 mins)

Price - £40

This soothing, yet highly effective treatment offers targeted results to gently rejuvenate the skin. The treatment begins with a double-action cleanse with our Squeaky Clean Cleanser – followed by a gentle scrub (extra water is applied to soften the crystals).  The Chocolate Enzyme Mask Feeds the skin with nutrients and reduces inflammation and redness.  This is left on for 5 mins to allow the active ingredients to deeply penetrate into the skin, followed by a 5 min LED green light to reduce any irritation.


Blemish Free (50 mins)

Price - £50

This innovative facial uses a bacteria-fighting combination to keep breakouts at bay and have clear skin. Beginning with an extreme cleanse, using salicylic acid, a light diamond tip dermabrasion, followed by and application of the heeling LA Soft as Silk serum and the ultrasonic Ion pore reducing scraper is used for a deeper cleanse; reducing acne and stubborn blackheads.  The ultrasonic ion helps penetrate nutrients to the dermis and speeds up the absorption of products applied.  This will be followed by blue LED therapy destroy acne-causing bacteria while accelerating healing and reducing inflammation. The treatment is finished off with a blemish-fighting oxygen blast, leaving skin purified, calm and in the clear.


Targeted Wrinkle Reduction (40 mins)

Price - £50

A light diamond dermabrasion exfoliation renews the skin, followed by red LED therapy to boost elasticity, collagen production, and product absorption. The skin is treated with a powerhouse of anti-ageing ingredients and is finished off with a vitamin enriched mask and our fabulous Plump Me Up Moisturiser, helping fight against the aging process s instantly rejuvenated, smooth and more youthful.


LA Skincare Revitalising Eye Treatment - ION Detox - Negative Galvanic Micro-current (20 mins)

Price - £30

Pulsating Ion reduces crows feet, improves bags and can significantly reduces dark circles – Initially we apply the revitalising serum and massage around the eyes using the Pulsating Ion Treatment, followed by an application of LA’s Plump Me Up gel. This is the perfect pick me up for tired eyes.


Back Exfoliation and Massage (30mins)

Price - £35

Initially a light dermabrasion will be performed on your back, followed by our unique and invigorating Sugar Scrub, full of essential oils, your skin is exfoliated, shedding your dead skin to make it silky soft, ready for the application of our Velvet Indulgence Oil, this is massaged in. Your skin is cleared from blemishes and the oils are massaged in leaving your back feeling like silk and your muscles are manipulated using massage techniques – relieving any tension. Followed by pressure points to scalp, leaving you feeling completely invigorated and revitalised.

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