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Our LA Skincare treatments have been perfected over the years.  We pride ourselves on thorough consultations.  This is where we can find out about your skin.  Sometimes it is not just about skincare.  We often find our lifestyles can contribute to skin conditions we may be having.  Stress plays a massive part in our skin health and our facials may just be the perfect time for you to Relax, Revive and Rejuvenate.

LA Skincare creation combines optimal levels of active ingredients to enhance the effectiveness of each extract.  They are performed in salons across the world and are tailored to your skin.  Drawing on our salon experience, every product created is developed to meet the expectations of our therapists and their customers – for both instant and long lasting results.

We all love a ‘manual’ facial, however I believe when you come into a salon for a facial, it is great to be able to have much more, as well…

I brought in the ‘gadgets’, this way therapists can offer ‘intense in salon’ treatments.  LA Skincare’s gadgets are there to enhance the salon facial.  Your therapist will decide how best to treat your skin.  This will be done based on the consultation at the beginning of your treatment.  It may be advised to do a course of treatments and gadgets to achieve the required results.

Your therapist can offer great aftercare advice and products to use at home.  It is important to continue your ‘facial’ at home.  I hope you enjoy your salon facial.

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LA Skincare Transformative Facial (60 mins)

During the initial consultation we use our unique skin diagnostic to analyse your skin and life style, as well as looking through our wood lamp to asses any areas of your skin that may be dry, sensitive or oily.  We can then target specific areas during your specialist facial.

Uses a blend of powerful products, with ingredients designed to target specific skin concerns.  The LA Skincare Transformative Facial is a treatment of pure luxury.  Combining our incredible products which have scientifically proven ingredients to target skin concerns.  These products suit all skin types and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Consisting of a deep facial cleanse using Salicylic acid and exfoliation using LA’ s unique raw sugar scrub and followed by the deep penetrating Chocolate Enzyme Mask.  We also include hot towels to deeply exfoliate.

Nourishing products are then applied to include pressure point facial massage – not only does this feel incredible, it also creates lymphatic drainage, to remove toxins from your skin.

In order for active ingredients, vitamins and minerals work efficiently they need to get into the cellular level of the skin, and penetrate through all of the top skin layers. LA Skincare products contain ingredients that do just that – they work at deeper levels to stimulate your skin. Initially LA Skincare Transformative Facial does just this by applying deep exfoliating products to help resurface the skin and then the nourishing products are able to deliver active ingredients into the cellular level. These products invigorate your skin resulting in fine line reduction, balancing oil production to help with acne and also giving your skin that amazing red carpet glow – leaving your skin clear and healthy.

Because everyone’s skin is different LA Skincare’s facials can be adapted to suit your needs. From anti-ageing to acne-fighting, every facial is designed to target and treat your skincare concerns with faster results. Advice is given for your individual skin needs.

We have extra tools and gadgets that we can add to your facial to help provide your skin with what it needs.

Please look on our stockist page to find your nearest location for the treatment.


What are the gadgets?

Facial Cleansing Brush: Deep exfoliation, boosts circulation, reduces open pores, improves acne, massages skin.

Radio Frequency, EMS & LED Massager: Reduces fine lines, firms and tones skin, reduces dark circles and puffiness.

Ultrasonic Ion Skin Spatula: Removes dead skin, reduces pores and aids removal of blackheads.

Ionic Vibration Face/Eye Massager: Reduces dark circles, puffiness and helps restore elasticity around the eyes.  Relaxes, soothes and refreshes the skin and increases absorption of eye serum; improving its efficiency.  (Please note – this gadget is only for home use).

Adding the Facial Cleansing Brush to your facial...

A speedy way to kickstart your skin and get that natural glow, be red carpet ready!

  • 35 times more effectively than with hands or washcloth alone. Deeper cleanse, removes makeup and dirt more effectively.
  • Evens Skin Tone – promotes an even looking complexion. Smooths skin’s surface, reducing fine lines, improves texture, renews skin and achieve a dewy complexion.
  • Exfoliates. Turning tired, dull skin into a fresh radiant skin. They remove the skin’s dead cells for a smoother, brighter surface.  Helps slough dead skin cells and promote cell turnover.
  • Boosts Circulation, aiding healthy, youthful skin. Improved blood circulation aids the functioning of your capillaries and the supply of oxygen to the skin. A vital anti aging component for skin that glows!
Facial cleansing brush benefits

Adding the Radio Frequency, EMS & LED Massager gadget to your facial...

  • Radio Frequency – electromagnetic waves that penetrate the dermis regenerating collagen. Activating the epidermal skin; making it firmer, lifted and plump – increasing elasticity and diminishing fine lines.
  • High frequency vibration massages – 8000 times per minute. Skin becomes radiant and glowing. Helps Edema around the eye (puffy eyes) and reduces dark circles. Promotes absorption of skin products.
  • EMS – Electronic Muscle Stimulation is micro currents that stimulates muscles and tones the area. Helps fine lines, stressed and tired skin.
  • LED – Red light can promote microcirculation – increases blood circulation (helps the eye area look brighter). Reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. Helps reduce the appearance of dark circles.
Radio Frequency benefits

Adding the Ultrasonic Ion Skin Spatula to your facial...

  • Deep cleanses and unclogs pores – High Frequency ultrasonic vibration and positive can absorb the negative ions of the skin to achieve deep cleaning of pores and gives exfoliation.
  • Use with a serum and the nutrients will be absorbed directly deep into the skin, activating the epidermis.
  • Making your skincare more effective.
  • Improve skin’s overall appearance and glow
  • Massaging using EMS micro current, stimulating muscles, reducing fine lines and wrinkles
Ultrasonic ion skin spatula

Ionic Vibration Face/Eye Massager - for home use

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  • 8000 vibrations per minute – stimulating muscles, helping fine lines and relieving stress and tiredness around the muscles
  • Increases blood circulation, helping reduce dark circles
  • Negative Ion therapy bind with the positive ion in the skin cells. This enables the nutrients in the skin care products to reach the deeper layers of the skin. Before using eye massager only 30% absorption of products into skin, after usage 99% absorption
  • Negative Ions reinforce collagen production and strengthens skin.

LA Skincare Revitalising Eye Treatment - ION Detox - Negative Galvanic Micro-current (20 mins)

Pulsating Ion reduces crows feet, improves bags and can significantly reduces dark circles – Initially we apply the revitalising serum and massage around the eyes using the Pulsating Ion Treatment, followed by an application of LA’s Plump Me Up gel. This is the perfect pick me up for tired eyes.


Back Exfoliation and Massage (30mins)

Initially a Mint Scrub will be performed on your back, your skin is exfoliated, shedding your dead skin to make it silky soft, ready for the application of our unique and invigorating Chocolate Body Mask.

Whilst this mask is on you can enjoy pressure point massage to scalp, leaving you feeling completely invigorated and revitalised.

Then the Indulgent Chocolate Oil is massaged in.  Your skin is cleared from blemishes and the oils are massaged in leaving your back feeling like silk and your muscles are manipulated using massage techniques – relieving any tension.


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