Treating skin in a whole way…

Holistic skincare

Holistic skin care is an ancient practice that involves treating the skin in a “whole” way.  It looks at the bigger picture to go beyond your external symptoms understand the root cause of skin imbalances, which means it’s a whole lot more than just cleansers

I’m doing everything but it doesn’t seem to work?

Sound familiar?  Have you ever felt like no matter what steps you take to become “healthy”, there seems to be an imbalance or roadblock that keeps you from attaining your goals?

Some people struggle with weight, diet, exercise or finding a balance between personal relationships and careers goals.  Holistic Health is based upon the concept that all of these areas of your life are not isolated.

They are all linked together and should be treated as a “whole”.

Good skin…

What I am trying to say, as I have many times before.  Good skin is not ALL about good/expensive skincare.  We can choose to work from within.  By within, I mean, your body as a whole.  If you get that balance right and you feel healthy in terms of your weight, diet and exercise your skin will automatically start to show signs of improvement.

Now, it doesn’t stop there, mental health plays a big part, as this is balancing internal and external stresses.  When these are out of alignment, it shows in your skin, hair and nails.

Is it starting to become clear?

Treating skin in a whole way...

Alternative medicine

Living with a holistic mindset simply adds balance to your life and puts emphases on positive relationships, spirituality and career inspiration as opposed to strictly focusing on diet and exercise.

When examining your health in a holistic way, it is important to think in terms of treating causes rather than symptoms.  Finding balance is an extremely important aspect of holistic living.  Striving for balance encourages you to be present in your life and forces you to actively participate in your daily life rather than allowing your days to pass you by.

If you discover the different aspects of holistic living and begin thinking about the actual reasons behind certain ailments,  it can be the start of big changes.  Learn to listen to your body by keeping a journal on possible problem areas in your life.


Have you heard of the life wheel?  It is a way of tracking areas of your life and seeing where we may need a little assistance.  You score yourself out of 10 and then it gives you an idea.

I do have some questions to help you assess with ease…  Please email if you would like them.


Treating skin in a whole way...


When you live a holistic lifestyle you begin to address all health, career and relationship challenges by examining why you are feeling a certain way.  For example  why I might not be feeling successful at work or why I feel a disconnect from certain friends.  From these reflections, it helps you to be proactive by determining the causes behind my health concerns, rather than having a Band-Aid approach to these challenges.  This is when you are working with a holistic mindset.

Linking back to skincare

I know you may be thinking what has this got to do with my fine lines or my spots.  I promise you your lifestyle is literally reflected in your skin.

Currently, I feel a little stressed (a lot, if I am honest), along with many people.  Now, I am starting to get spots, which I only ever get when my salon is crazy busy and I know I have taken too much on.  My diet has gone by the wayside.  The worst thing here is, I know exactly what the problem is,  I know what I am doing and not doing, I always say it is like a form of self sabotage.  This is not good, but true.  I think when things are out of my control, externally, I learn to control the things I can.  So I comfort eat, or I put things off that will make me feel good.

I am sure you can relate, please don’t leave me hanging… haha.

On a more serious note

Working on yourself, listening to your body and educating yourself on how to live a more holistic and balanced lifestyle is one of the best ways to help your skin.

Being your own Health Coach and actually implementing what your learn, which I normally do.  I am just sharing how we can all let things go at times of crisis.  But it is about recalibrating and acknowledging areas you need to work on.

This helps in all aspects of your life and helps you discover the different ways that you can take control of your life and how you can improve your own Holistic Health.  This is such an empowering journey, and I hope you embrace it, as I have and do!

I will be talking much more about this as it is so important, at all times, but especially now.

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