During times like this it can be scary and can impact on our mental and our physical health.  However, there are so many things we can do to support and manage our wellbeing during this extraordinary situation.

There is such a threat to our physical health that we need to take care of ourselves mentally as well as physically.

I want to share some tips with you to keep on top of your mental health, our physical health and of course keep our skin in tip top shape too.

Tips To Get You Started

Information overload? – In times like this it can be easy to fall into thinking traps and ruminations.  Make sure you ‘switch off’ screens and limit the time you spend on social media otherwise you can feel overwhelmed.  Keep up to date using only factual information from the World Health Organisation and Government websites.  Try and avoid gossip or hear say.

Keep connected – There are so many ways for us all to keep in contact now – phone, Skype, whatsapp, social media, email and of course zoom.  Use this time as an opportunity to catch up with distant friends or family who you’ve been meaning to contact for a while.  Create quizzes to have with friends and family.  Have some fun with this.

Get fresh air – Make use of your windows and keep the curtains open in the day to let light in. You could even start to grow plants on your windowsill.  If you have a garden, go out in it and if you don’t, you can go out once a day for a run, walk or cycle.  This should be done alone or only with people you live with.

Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol – Too much caffeine and alcohol can affect your sleep.  Limit your intake.  Caffeine can increase your heart rate so if you are feeling anxious, this is not going to help.

Breathe – Take deep breaths to reduce any anxious feelings.  Breathe in and then very slowly release the breath.  This can help feelings of calm.

Do something you enjoy – When it all feels a bit much, do things that relax you.  Things you enjoy, but maybe don’t have time for.  Take a bath, play music, dance around, light your favourite incense.

Declutter – Anyone else find decluttering like clearing the mind?  I do…  I highly recommend sorting out your wardrobe, give some things to charity or set up a clothes swap online with friends on facebook.  Someone I know has recently done this and I have got THE most amazing dress for FREE!!!  So I just need to sort my wardrobe out now to give back.

If not your wardrobe, clear out that cupboard that has been on the list for ages.

Give yourself a facial – This is the perfect pick me up!!  How good does it feel when your skin feels good?  We can all feel rubbish after a while in lockdown and our skin feels the same…  Take some time out.

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Take some time out – We have created you a self-care pack.  The perfect at home chillout pack.  It includes a bath/massage oil, face/lip scrub, chocolate face mask, whipped cream moisturiser and a lip balm.  All for just £20!!!

No pressure – At a time like this it is really easy to put pressure on ourselves.  I am not a good enough parent, I can’t do this home schooling, I have no time for me!  So many to list.

You are doing an amazing job!!  Don’t forget this is a very crazy time.  Nobody has gone through anything like this and we are just doing the best we can!  You are only human.

There are so many campaigns about being kind etc.  How about being kind to you?  You have got this!!!