Combination Skin

In combination skin the skin types vary in the T-zone and the cheeks. The so-called T-zone can differ substantially – from a very slim zone to an extended area.

Combination skin is characterised by

  • an oily T-zone (forehead, chin and nose)
  • enlarged pores in this area perhaps with some impurities
  • normal to dry cheeks

The causes of combination skin

The oilier parts of combination skin are caused by an over production of sebum. The drier parts of combination skin are caused by a lack of sebum and a corresponding lipid deficiency.

Our full range is ideal for people with good skin as it provides daily exfoliation using our squeaky clean cleanser and the plump up moisturiser should be more than enough for your skin using the whipped cream for extra hydration at those certain times of the month.

Use step 2 and 3 to keep up with purifying your skin.

How to use LA Skincare for combination skin

Looking for an effective solution?

Here at LA Skincare, we are here to advise you on the best products for you, no matter your skin type. Our team have the knowledge and experience in skin products and treatments to be able to offer you professional advice and guidance.

We stock a range of tried and tested skin care products.  Check out our product range, or get in contact with one of our friendly team on 0114 287 5400 for more information.

Not sure what skin type you have?  Why not try our free online prescription tool, where you can answer a few questions to receive tailored advice about the type of skin you have (balanced, oily skin, dry skin or combination skin).

Lots of love

This is all said with love, I know many people have different opinions and that is absolutely fine.  The biggest piece of advice I always say is:

‘Listen to your skin!!’

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.  Skincare should not cause any damage to your skin, if used correctly for YOUR skin!

Any questions, just ask…

Much love.

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