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Sheffield beauty salon boss makes her own skincare products –

and they have a celebrity fan base

Skincare – there’s so many different skin types and issues that can arise, it’s easy to end up with a cabinet full of products.

Skin changes

The problem with that is you tend to find that almost no sooner have you bought a product, you find you need something different.

That’s not the case with the range available from Sheffield beauty therapist Louisa Ashforth.

Her LA Skincare range sells in salons across the UK – and in Marbella – and even has a celebrity fanbase.

The products

Louisa said: “I decided to make safer, affordable products which could multi-task, and was determined to cut through the beauty industry hype which leads people to buy a new product each time their skin changes. Everyone’s skin condition varies from time to time, according to lifestyle choices and environment, hormones and health.

“If you chose products with the right active ingredients, they will work on almost all skin issues.”

Louisa, aged 38, researched ingredients herself and found a pharmaceutical company specialising in natural products to create her range.

LA Skincare’s Super Six products are a cleanser, serum, face scrub, lifting moisturiser, face mask and moisturiser with suncreen.

Ethical Products – Not Tested on animals

She believes these are the only six products we all need to keep our skin happy. They are all paraben-free, vegan, Fair Trade and are not tested on animals.

Louisa, who is the owner of owner of LA Hair and Beauty Salon in Aston, said: “I had strong ideas of what I wanted my products to contain – I had done advanced skincare courses as part of my beauty training and it had stoked a passion in me.

“The products focus on exfoliation and stimulating skin renewal. They combat dryness, oiliness, sensitivity, break-outs, acne, stressed skin, sun and environmental damage. You just adapt the way you use each product.

“It is all about exfoliation, which I believe is the key to most skin problems. If you do not have the right canvas, moisturising products and nourishing treatments will not soak in – it’s a little like butter on cold toast. It’s skincare common-sense.”


The products are used by celebrities, such as actresses Angela Griffin and Stephanie Davis and TV presenter Jenny Powell. West End stage actress and singer Kerry Ellis is also the brand’s ambassador.

I knew I was in good company when I decided to try them out for myself.

The products smell lovely, especially the chocolate delight facemask, and they glide across the skin – leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated. Give them a try yourself.


LA Skincare is sold at at nine salons around the UK, including Louisa’s own salon and Absolute Beauty by Emma and Gravity Aesthetics, which are both based in Barnsley. The brand is also sold at a beauty salon in Marbella and online at www.LASkincare.co.uk. Products from the range cost from £20 to £45.