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The LA Chocolate Enzyme Peel is a powerful mask which deeply penetrates the epidermis, helping your skin to naturally shed its’ dead skin cells.  The enzyme mask harnesses the natural detoxifying properties of cocoa to purify and refine skin and help to slow the aging process by increasing skin’s elasticity. Your skin looks younger and more radiant after just one delicious application!

As we get older, our skin’s natural rejuvenating ability slows down. The unique blend of active ingredients and enzymes contained in this revolutionary peel help to:

  • Promote skin cell renewal
  • Refine the skin’s texture
  • Treat fine lines
  • Minimise blemishes and uneven skin tone

This multi-tasking product helps calm problem areas, soothing dry and aging skin as well as treating break-outs. Working like an in salon ‘chemical peel’, just a littler gentler on skin; weekly use leaves the skin brighter, clearer and softer than ever before.

Key Ingredients

  • Organic Chocolate Powder
  • Kaolin
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lactic Acid
  • Bentonite

*Please be aware this product can leave skin pink/red and can create warmth and tingle sensations. This is nothing to panic about it is highly unlikely to be a reaction. Think of this product as a chemical peel you find in a salon, only gentler. It will bring your blood to the surface of your skin increasing collagen and help shed dead skin quickly*

*If you have extremely sensitive skin, try just for a few minutes for your first use*

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Salon Retail Stockist

The perfect addition to your salon

LA Skincare could be a great addition to your salon.  Whether you are hair, beauty, aesthetics or all 3.  You could stock all of our range or just part.

We offer so many products, it is not just Facial Skincare any more.  For example if you wanted to look at our Aromatherapy range you could add this to your shop.  We have Essential Oils, Reed Diffusers and so much more.

Or why not try our soap collection?  These are quite new and will be added to the website very soon.  Or our Bath Bombs or our new Simmering Granules.

Obviously I am passionate about skin.  So I can’t not tell you about our Facial Range…

LA Skincare

I created LA Skincare to be a easy to use, yet effective range.  I am all about treating the whole body and not just the skin.  Do you feel the same?  If so I would love to have you on board with LA Skincare.

Holistic is not just all about being natural.  Although, I have tried to make LA Skincare as natural as possible.  For example, it is all paraben free and naturally preserved, vegan friendly and against animal cruelty.


  • Skincare is a long term game and more than just external.
  • No anti-aging cream will miraculously reduce aging and no spot healer will reduce dark spots overnight.
  • The ingredients we choose to apply to our skin need to nourish the skin inside and out.
  • LA Skincare believe in educating on more than just skin, skin is a key to what is going off inside. Stress can play a BIG part.
  • This is why we have introduced aromatherapy into LA Skincare, so that we can offer and all round holistic facial.

Now as a boutique, you do not have to sell the products this way.  Hopefully our brand name will be enough for you to retail and start earning money straight away.  Plus the customer or you can access information on the website any time.  However we stress we would always send the customer back to you, where possible.

What can you charge and earn?

Our retail range allows you to earn a good profit LA Skincare products.

It is a minimum of 50% on sales, however, more often than not it is 100% mark up.

Our start up order includes:

3 x Sensitive/Dry Skincare kits – £20 each RRP £39

2 x Combination Skincare kits – £20 each RRP £39

1 x All skin type kits – £24 each RRP £45

2 x Bath crystals £5 each RRP £10

2 x Reed Diffusers £8 each RRP £15

3 x Hand & Body Wash £8 each RRP £15

3 x Hand & Body Cream £8 each RRP £15

6 x Variety of Simmering Granules (a fabulous alternative to wax melts) £5 each RRP £10

8 x Variety of Aromatherapy Essential Oils (You will have a list of how to use them as well don’t worry) from £3 RRP from £6

30 LA Skincare Booklets for information for customers

Extra bonus

You will receive a sample size of each of the skincare products for customers to try

Why not stock up now ready for the festive season where gift sets will be bought…


Online training included in this package.

You will be added to our Facebook stockist private group, where I will share information on products and feedback from clients  It is also an opportunity for you to ask questions or ask advice from other stockists, as well as myself can offer you guidance and help.

I believe if we work together we will achieve more than being on our own.

Any questions, just ask…

Much love.

Louisa x


Legal Pages

Here is the removal of the chocolate mask, you can share with clients:

Watch the training video here.  Including Hot Towels.

For other training videos click here

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