Ionic Vibration Face/Eye Massager


Ionic Vibration Face/Eye Massager:

Eye Massager – £25

Cool and Lift Eye Gel – £25

Together £42


Or just buy the brush on kits own for £99


Ionic Vibration Face/Eye Massager

Stimulate Blood Circulation Using the Ionic Vibration Face/Eye Massager

The Ionic Vibration Face/Eye Massager helps reduce wrinkles and dark circles, using this fabulous hand held device.

It requires a AAA battery. However, then it works using your own conduction of energy.  You hold the device on the metal plate and when you touch your skin it starts to vibrate and massage.

The minute you stop touching your skin it stops.

Use with Cool and Lift Eye Gel

It works really well with the cool and lift eye gel.  Apply the eye gel, using your 4th finger.  Start on the outer edge of your eye (the bit were your crows feet are, if you have them).  Move in words and gently apply the gel.  You can work around the eyebrow as well to give a little lift.

When to use the Vibration Tool

Once you have applied the gel.  Use the Ionic Vibration Tool to massage in the gel.

You can use it morning and night.  I would advise 2 minutes in each eye.

If you use for longer than 2 minutes I would advise using it every other day and just do it once a day.

Use underneath and around the eyebrow.  It can even be used on the corrugator muscle (that bit between your eyebrow).

What is it used for?

It is used to help Dark Circles, by massaging the eye to disperse the blood that traps in the eye.

Helps reduce puffiness in the eye, massaging helps puffy eyes; helps disperse built up fluid.

Can help with fine lines, massaging the eye area helps increase collagen production and the absorption on products, due to the


Negative ion technology bonds with positive ions on the skin to restore moisture and enhance nutrient absorption.  This device has negative ion therapy and works with the eye gel, helping to absorb the hyaluronic acid gel.

You could use with the soft as silk serum as well, as an alternative.  However, my recommendation is the Cool and Lift Eye gel.

What is ION Therapy

Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge.  Negative ions are created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water.  They are odorless, tasteless, and invisible and we inhale them in abundance in certain environments.  Dirt too is negatively charged.

When an ionic device comes into contact with these molecules, it triggers a reaction and response which varies according to the type of energy released.  It is important to note that at home devices provide either positive or negative ion therapy, depending on the purpose

Positive ions

Generally used for deep cleansing. When generated, they attract negatively charged impurities in pores under the surface layer of the skin. This reaction softens the structures around the molecules, creating electrostatic pressure.

As a result, hard-to-reach grime and oil is drawn to the surface and washed away, delivering a clean and clear complexion.

Lots of love

Louisa xx

Additional information

Ionic Vibration Face/Eye Massager

Eye Massager £25, Cool and Lift Eye Gel £25, Together £42


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