Hot Towels

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Hot Face Towels to use within your facial

Make your facial more luxurious by adding these gorgeous LA Skincare branded Face Towels into your facial.

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Face Towels

Start your facial using these face towels for a more luxurious facial.

Adding aromatherapy oils such as Lavender, Eucalyptus or Rosemary enhances the facial even more.

Clients love it and it will make your treatment stand out more.

What do they do?

LA Skincare's Hot Towels open pores and allow products to start working straight away.  The heat instantly stimulates your clients skin.  They also instantly make the client relax more.

Pressure Points

Once you place the towels on as per the video, you will see how pressure can be applied with the hot towels...

How & When to use?

The hot towels are a great way to begin the facial, however they can also be used throughout.  For example after the scrub to ensure all scrub is removed.  Also after the chocolate mask, again ensuring all the mask is removed.

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Squeaky Clean Cleanser

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