Facial Cleansing Brush


The Facial Cleansing Brush kit includes:

Facial Cleansing Brush £99

15ml Squeaky Clean Cleanser £12

10ml Sweetie Sugar Scrub £12

10ml Chocolate Delight Face mask £15

10ml Whipped Cream Moisturiser £15


Or just buy the brush on kits own for £99

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Facial Cleansing Brush

Step up the cleansing – Facial Cleansing Brush

Let’s have a look at Facial Cleansing Brushes.  Is it time to step up your cleansing game with one of these facial cleansing brushes, because who doesn’t want a natural, healthy glow to their skin?

Whether you walk to work or exercise outside, micro-particles found in the air in polluted environments are small enough to penetrate the skin and this can lead to all manner of complexion concerns, such as pigmentation and breakouts.

Cleansing is something we do every day – but sometimes, it’s not enough to just use our fingertips.  This silicone brush can help increase the results of your cleansing rituals.

Deeper cleanse

Facial cleansing brushes are great tools to thoroughly remove every last scrap of make-up, pore-clogging sunscreen and everyday grime you may have missed with your hands.  Just have a look here on how to use them for your skin type.

Pollution is not your friend and can cause damage to your skin and cause premature aging, along with a few other issues.

Cleansing brushes, when used properly, can deep clean the pores and really stimulate better circulation and improve lymphatic drainage.  But, only when used properly, as otherwise they can actually push make up and environmental pollution deeper into the pores and cause more skin problems.’

This includes making sure to clean your cleansing brush properly after every use and not overusing it either.

Less is more!!

When to use my cleansing brush…

Be cautious

If you have sensitive skin avoid using them too often; once or twice a week is more than enough.

More mature skins treat as sensitive, but more once every other day.  If sensitivity or soreness occurs though, hold off using for a couple of days until the feeling has subsided.

If you have oilier skin they can be particularly useful as pores are more prone to clogging.  You could even use once per day here and if severely oily, possibly twice per day.

Whatever your skin type!

Be careful not to over use though, whatever your skin type.  Causing sensitivity or damage to your lipid barrier (acid mantle) can cause more hassle than it is worth and take good few months for your skin to recover.  Gently does it!!  Have a look at some of my myth busting here.

What to buy?

We recommend purchasing the brush with the cleanser, along with the soft as silk serum and the plump me up gel moisturiser.  Your products will soak in so well afterwards.


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Facial Cleansing Brush

Facial Cleansing Brush Kit £125, Facial Cleansing Brush £99


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