Dry Skincare Set – Ideal for sensitive skin


Do you suffer with dry skin?  Dry skin can often make your skin sensitive too.  Both skin types need hydration and nourishment.

Revitalise your skin with LA Skincare’s Dry Skincare Set, suitable for sensitive skin.  These products have been formulated to nourish and hydrate.

So you can say goodbye to dryness and hello to a smoother, healthier glow.

Our Dry Skincare Set is designed to combat the effects of dry and sensitive skin, providing intense hydration and essential nutrients without irritation.  Enriched with natural ingredients, including moisturising oils, each product works to restore moisture balance and enhance skin elasticity.

Start your day with the nourishing gentle cleanser, removing impurities without stripping away moisture and follow with either the radiance drops or the whipped cream.  Or maybe even layer them both.

Whether you’re facing harsh weather conditions, have sensitive skin, or simply prone to dryness, LA Skincare’s Dry Skincare Set can help nourish your skin.

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Sensitive/Sensitised or Stressed Skin

To help your Dry/Sensitive/Sensitised or Stressed Skin feel and look healthy, you need a simple, daily skin care routine that will work for your skin type.

Using LA Skincare products will help to improve your skin challenges and allow you to achieve soothed, nourished and revitalised skin.

Using the products as listed below will give you the best routine for your skin type. It is important to remember to treat any sensitive issues first.

How to use

Always remember if something doesn’t feel right, please STOP using the product.  Above anything listen to your skin.

Below is a guide on a general use of the products for Sensitive/Sensitised or Stressed Skin, but please take it as a guide and when your skin is telling you to make a change, listen to it.

Nourishing Cream Cleansing Balm

Use a pea size amount - apply to dry skin and then add water liberally and lather in a circular motion, rinse well.  If using to remove make up, use a damp face cloth to help remove excess make up.  Repeat with a 2nd cleanse.


Why no toner?

A toner is not always necessary, less is more.  Especially on combination skins as sometimes we need less products on our skin.  Your skin is very clever and can heal itself, we just need to give it space to do it’s thing.  Or give it a helping hand with skincare products, but not too many.

Renewal Bamboo Scrub

Use once per week.

Apply to damp skin, slightly larger than a pea size amount.  Massage into skin for approximately 10 seconds or a little longer if you can.  Bamboo powder is a natural exfoliant, the crystals do not dissolve.

Golden Glow Mask

Use once a week

Apply a thick (ish) layer all over face, leave on for 10-15 minutes

Your skin may go a little red, this is part of the treatment as it brings blood to the surface, increasing collagen to repair your skin.  This mask should leave your skin feeling refreshed, soft and glowing.

Radiance Drops

1-2 pumps to be used morning or/and night for hydration and to calm your skin overnight.

It can also be used as a stand alone product or underneath the whipped cream, massage into skin for 15 seconds.

Leave on overnight and wake up with amazing feeling skin.

Whipped Cream

We would suggest this as your chosen moisturiser the majority of the time.

Apply a slightly bigger than a pea size amount to face and neck morning and night.

You may sometimes feel you need slightly more hydration, then I would recommend applying 1 pump of the radiance drops underneath.

Don’t forget you can use this as your eye gel too.  Or try the Cool and Lift.

Changes to your routine

Our full range is ideal for people with problematic skin as well as balanced skin.  We like to educate people on listening to their skin.

There are so many ways you can add aromatherapy into your range to be able to make adaptions to your routine without the massive price tag.


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