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Product Feedback…

Knowing and treating your skin type
Have you seen how LA Skincare has helped people with acne prone skin?
WE WON!!! – have you tried our award winning product??


We  love to hear what people think of our products – why don’t you send us a video with your feedback on…  Just upload to our facebook page

6 Products…

LA Skincare is a tool kit for your skin, you do not have to use all 6 products at once.  WE all have our favourites, but it is important to have them all as sometimes our skin will need that bit extra…  Even when some one is suffering with acne, they still need the serum two or three times a week, to nourish the skin.  Otherwise all that is happening is your skin is being dried out and then your body will over produce sebum; causing more spots – which nobody wants, right????

Why don’t you try our starter kit now or visit one of our salons to try a facial

Louisa xx

Louisa Ashforth
Louisa Ashforth
My name is Louisa Ashforth, and I have developed LA Skincare with the customers' needs in mind: LA Skincare works on the deeper layers of your skin, it is not just a cosmetic range, it can help change your skin from the inside. Here on my blog I want to try and give customers more insight into the ingredients within LA Skincare and educate people on their own skins needs.

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