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Healthy skin is not just about skincare…

Tips to Keep Up Your ‘Selfcare’ During Covid-19
Tips to Keep Up Your ‘Selfcare’ During Covid-19
healthy skin diet
Healthy Skin Diet. You are what you eat!! Is it true?

Healthy Skin is not just about skincare!!

Healthy Skin is not just about skincare… Recently I have been looking more and more into foods and how they can effect your skin.

We can all feel a bit sluggish and a little overweight from time to time.  This has been me recently.  It has made me look more and more into the foods I am eating and also how they effect your body.  I decided to introduce more protein into my diet.  And of course increase my exercise.

My reasons behind this??

I actually enjoy protein and I feel much healthier.  I am not good at being able to have a bit of something, I struggle to limit myself to one biscuit.  Or these people who say ‘I just have one square of chocolate a night’.  I literally think….what????  I have one piece, I want the whole bar, I have one biscuit I am having the packet…  Anyone else like that?

I am better if I just cut it out for a bit and to be honest once you get past those initial cravings and see the weight coming off, I somehow get through it.  I am a total chocoholic but recently it is more pizza I crave… typical!!

Protein can help you have healthy skin

Anyway… I am not just talking about weight loss I want to talk about how beneficial protein is for your skin!!  Who would think food had such an impact???

Protein is full of amino acids, for those who don’t know these create collagen in your body.  Collagen is the structure we lose as we age.  It leaves your skin looking clearer.  Protein also stimulates the production of new skin cells, keeping your skin firm.


Collagen breaks down as we age, which can lead to wrinkles, eating high protein can increase collagen making skin thicker and less prone to wrinkles.  It heals your skin too, so it is not just about aging, it is great for acne scarring too.

If you haven’t tried increasing your protein I highly recommend you give it a go…

LA Skincare can help too

Of course we can find a product within our range too, which will help increase collagen.  For example the Chocolate delight enzyme mask will help increase collagen production naturally within your body.  This is because it stimulates your skin from the inside, speeding up the way your body produces skin cells.

Combine this with an increase in protein and voila!!!

Chocolate Face mask for Healthy Skin

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Hope you have found this interesting

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Louisa Ashforth
Louisa Ashforth
My name is Louisa Ashforth, and I have developed LA Skincare with the customers' needs in mind: LA Skincare works on the deeper layers of your skin, it is not just a cosmetic range, it can help change your skin from the inside. Here on my blog I want to try and give customers more insight into the ingredients within LA Skincare and educate people on their own skins needs.

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