LA Skincare is a unique methodology, where you have a ‘tool kit’ for your skin.  One range that does everything you need, as each product contains key ingredients to suit your type of skin.

Now do not get me wrong, we have added to the range as some people just need that extra something and we have tried to cater for everyone.  Now great skin is not just about skincare.  There is soooo much more to it!  For example stress plays a massive part in whether our skin feels and looks good.  Along with our lifestyle choices of course.  Which is why I decided to introduce our aromatherapy range.  Adding essential oils into your life has never been easier…

Our skin changes all of the time.  After all it is a living organ.  Now, Instead of following the typical rules of skincare where you need a range for dry skin or oily skin you just have the LA Skincare range.

Even the the range has been expanded, it is still a nice compact range to suit everyone.  We do not believe in baffling you, as the customer.

 So when your skin feels oily or a break out occurs, or it has become sensitive or dry you do not have to go out and buy a whole new range, you should have the products you need in your LA Skincare tool kit.  This range started with our 6 core products to help create flawless skin.  However, skincare is a long term game and more than just external.

  • No anti-aging cream will miraculously reduce aging and no spot healer will reduce dark spots overnight.
  • The ingredients we choose to apply to our skin need to nourish the skin inside and out.
  • LA Skincare introduced gadgets to use within the ‘in salon’ facials, in order for clients to use products at home between salon facials
  • LA Skincare believe in educating our clients on what is happening in their bodies.  Skin is like a key to what is going off inside.  Stress can play a BIG part.

LA Skincare is…

  • An all round range focused on ingredients that work
  • Holistic range, not just skincare alone
  • As natural as possible
  • Simple, yet effective – life is complicated enough…
  • Has an in salon facial, affordable and works
  • A range that believes in educating clients about skin and lifestyles etc

Correction & Exfoliation

Even though we have expanded we still work on the Correct and Nourish ethos.

Correction is essential for everyone and yet it is often something that is missed out.

The first 3 steps are essential for everyone persons daily skincare routine and are all about correction/exfoliation – we believe this is the answer to many skin problems out there.

The amount of each product you need and the way you apply the product will change depending on your skin type.

Skin Nourishment

Again we have expanded the range, adding in eye gels to help some of those stubborn areas.  We are not going back on anything we have said, we are just wanting to provide the best service and products for our clients.

Steps 4-6 are all about nourishing your skin. Everyone’s skin needs different amounts of nourishment and hydration at different times of day and even different times of month.

For sensitive skin use these products as outlined below to give you a healthy glow.

Our soft as silk is to be applied under your moisturiser or can be used as a stand alone product at night. It is full of essential oils and vitamins to nourish and heal your skin. This is really important as sometimes our skin can need extra nourishment and hydration at different times of the month or year (different seasons can effect your skin).

The essential oils help heal your skin, the main ingredient is Macadamia Oil, which penetrates deep into you skin, so not to sit on the surface, leaving no oily residue. Rosehip oil is perfect for eczema, however it is also great for reducing open pores, as it naturally contains vitamin A. This ingredient also helps with acne, our skin needs healing even when we have spots so don’t avoid this product even if you do have acne.

Geranium regulates sebum production to help combat spots, but also promotes cell regeneration to help with aging. So all in all this is the perfect product for all skin types, sometimes you will just use it more than others depending how your skin is feeling. It is great to help dry skin; use morning and night for dry skin, however even if you do have oily skin this product is still fantastic to use on your skin (more at night) as the essential oils will heal.

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The plump me up moisturiser is our top selling product. It is unique as it is a gel formula and contains ingredients to help tighten your skin and plump out fine lines. It contains pentapeptides which can act like a botox feeling. This is great for around your eyes as it won’t seep into your eyes like some creams can, again really helping fine lines and puffy eyes.

It also contains Matrixyl 3000 which improves the structure of your skin matrix making skin firmer. As well as being full of hyaluronic acid, which improves the appearance of skin and is perfect for anti aging and plumping out fine lines.

This product is perfect for oily skin as it provides enough hydration without the greasy feel. Moisture is still very important when you have oily skin as your skin still needs to be nourished, if not your skin will become dry and your body will start to produce more sebum, in turn making it more oily.

You can still use this product on dry skin, if you need extra hydration your can put the soft as silk product underneath. Because the plump up moisturiser is oil free it is a perfect primer for under make up. If you do use this product and you still want a creamier feel you can over lay it with the whipped cream moisturiser.

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The Whipped Cream moisturiser has a much creamier consistency, yet still without a greasy feel, making it great for dryer skins, however it will still suit combination/oily skin too. It really helps nourish the skin as it contains ingredients such as Algesium C which helps repair skin and increase collagen production and sooths your skin. Also containing Hyularonic acid to help plump out fine lines, it is great for anti aging.

This product has SPF 30 in as well making it the perfect product to add to your routine whilst away, or even just to protect against pollutants which is really important when it comes to looking after your skin. There are lots of essential oils in this product such as bergamot which is really good at helping reduce acne and good for psoriasis too. Vitamin C is also present making it a great repair for your skin. Vitamin A helps with dry, mature skin.

Our Whipped Cream has such a luxurious feel to it and leaves your skin fully hydrated without being overly greasy. This product can be used over the plump me up moisturiser if needed. If the whipped cream is your chosen moisturiser we would still advise you to use the plump me up moisturiser around your eyes as an eye gel.

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Get Started

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Purify. Treat. Moisturise. Protect.
An effective skincare routine contains all 6 steps.
Buy our starter pack and be on your way to a flawless face all day long.

We have tried to make it even simpler for you to pick your products now and we have put together some sets for you.  Now have a look at your skin type, using our tool and then check if you have any of these skin conditions and then pick your starter pack accordingly.  You will find many starter packs are very similar.  However, for example stressed skin may also contain some essential oils in the starter kit as we need to focus on alleviating some stress.  I hope this makes sense.  Any questions just contact us.

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Need More Help?

If you have any more questions or would like further skincare advice, please contact the LA Skincare team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0114 287 5400.