Dry/Sensitive Skin Prescription

Skincare to treating the whole problem rather than individual symptoms

Your Skin Type Explained

Dry skin struggles...

Itching and Irritation: Dry skin tends to be itchy, leading to constant discomfort and may result in redness and inflammation.

Redness and Inflammation: Dry skin can become red and inflamed, especially in areas that are exposed to harsh weather conditions or irritants. 

Increased Sensitivity: Dry skin is more prone to sensitivity, and individuals with this skin type may react more strongly to certain skincare products, fragrances, or environmental factors.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Lack of moisture can contribute to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. Adequate hydration is crucial for maintaining skin elasticity.

Based on the answers you have provided we believe you have dry skin. For your skin type it is really important exfoliate your skin, to allow moisture to penetrate deep into your skin. However you need to take care not to over exfoliate as this can in turn dry your skin more.

When your skin is dry and flaky, gently slough off the dead skin using the various products in the LA Skincare range, daily initially and then using the enzyme peel to provide a deeper exfoliation as and when required.

We also have a variety of moisturisers to ensure you can provide the hydration your skin needs, taking care to apply the soft as silk underneath your moisturiser, to provide extra hydration.

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Our Consultants Recommend...

Correction & Exfoliation


To help your dry skin feel and look healthy, you need a simple, daily skin care routine that will work for your skin type.

Steps 1-3 will really help to improve your skin challenges and allow you to achieve soothed, nourished and revitalised skin.


We recommend combining the Squeaky Clean Cleanser (use in the morning) with our Hydrating Cleanser (use in an evening).

Use both the same way: 1 – 2 pumps, add a drop of water to slightly dilute and apply to dry skin.  Add a little more water to lather up, massage for approximately 15 seconds.

Rinse with water (acts like a natural toner) and pat dry.

Repeat if necessary, or if you are wearing make up we advise twice to ensure skin is thoroughly clean.  



Use once per a week.

Apply a small amount to finger tips – slightly bigger than a pea sized amount.  Due to dry/sensitive skin add a drop of water to soften the crystals before applying to skin.

Massage into skin for approximately 15 seconds, longer if required.

Rinse with water and pat dry with a towel.

This product removes dead skin, but gently.  This is really important because it helps nourishing products to work more effectively.



Use once every 7-10 days.

Apply a thin layer all over face.  For your first mask only leave on for 5 mins.

This mask makes your skin go red.  It is not a reaction.

Build up to leaving on for 10 minutes however, if skin feeling slightly sensitive remove before.

Remove by using a face cloth to remove excess and then rinse with water.

This product is key to any routine.  It is a great way to exfoliate, without aggravating the skin. 

Nourish & Moisturise


Steps 4-6 are all about nourishing your skin. Everyone’s skin needs different amounts of nourishment and hydration at different times of day and even different times of month. For oily skin use these products as outlined below to give you a healthy glow.

Dry skin can easily become sensitive, which is why we combine the two.  When skin is dry, it can become flaky and tender to touch.  This means it can also be sensitive to products, so we need to take extra care.  Hydration is key to help soften the skin and keep it supple.


Whipped cream1 Use morning and night

Apply a pea size amount to face and also a pea size amount to the neck.

Massage in, avoid eyes, we would recommend a seperate eye gel or the plump me up.

We recommend this as your chosen mosituriser.  However you could use the plump me up on occasion too.

Or even try our new radiance drops as these contain Vitamin C which is great for brightening skin and increasing collagen production; reducing fine lines. 


Use morning and night for extra hydration

This product is to be used under the Whipped Cream or can be used as a stand alone product at night.

1- 2 pumps is fabulous for extra hydration.  Apply to face and nexk and massage on.  Feel free to massage in for a good 30 seconds.

You can also add 1 drop of the lavender essential oil and massage into skin for 30 seconds.

Leave on overnight & wake up with amazing feeling skin.


Lavender essential oil for skin canLavender Essential Oil is fabulous for:

  • Detoxifying the skin by removing impurities and pollutants.
  • Heals injured skin by stimulating cell regeneration and preventing scarring.
  • Prevent wrinkles by boosting collagen production.

Add 1 drop to your soft as silk oil and massage into skin.  Or you could just add 1 drop to a damp cotton wool pad and wipe over face and neck

(avoiding contact with eyes). 

Cleanse. Exfoliate. Purify. Treat. Moisturise. Indulge

Keeping it simple with LA Skincare – Effective products to simply transform your skin 


If you do need extra indulgence for your skin here are some extra products mentioned above:

Buy our starter pack and be on your way to a flawless face all day long.


Knowing your skin type

The art and science of beautiful skin

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