Dry Skin? – Exfoliate all the time to get rid of excess dry skin and yet still dry skin?  Wondering why you still have dry skin?

Could it be over exfoliating? Or over cleansing your skin? Confused…?  Read on to find out more…

Are you fed up of doing all the right things and yet still have dry skin?

So you cleanse your face morning and night with a deep exfoliating was and then you scrub 2-3 times a week because that is what you are told to do and then you still have dry skin? Ever feel like you just cannot win?

Believe me you are not alone!!


So you could be at risk of over exfoliating your skin, or even over cleaning your skin. A friend of mine said ‘my skin is so dry I really suffer with dry skin’. I just gently asked what she for her routine. I knew she was using LA Skincare so I was a little worried to be honest. She said well I cleanse twice in the shower, I thought ok that is fine; and then she continued. She followed on by saying and then I get out of the shower and I cleanse again. Personally I thought what a waste of product, I am tight and money is hard come by – as it is for everyone. I said to her ‘you could be at risk of over washing your face’.

Lets think about it; you are already in the shower getting clean naturally with water. You assist your skin and cleanse it with product, you did it again and then when you are clean you do it again? Does this seem right? In this instance you are completely stripping your skin of natural oil so your skin is working so hard to try and produce enough sebum to have moisture, your skin just cannot work this hard sometimes as it has many other jobs to do.


Over exfoliation

When you exfoliate you shed excess dead skin and your skin gently repairs and renews skin cells, this is an important step in skincare routines, in my opinion the most important. However we all can get carried away loving the soft smooth feeling. All we are doing when we exfoliate is helping our skin do its job a bit quicker. Some times our skin can become sluggish and just in need of extra help. This can be many reasons; age, lifestyle choices, incorrect products etc.

If we do this too much, our skin can get confused and can become excessively dry because we have over stimulated our face and your skin is just shedding skin cells not just the dead ones, so once again our skin is working harder.


All the time our skin is just wanting a healthy balance, so this post is to try and encourage you to listen to your skin. If you have dry skin and you think ‘I don’t know why I have exfoliate and done all what I should do’. May be lay off the exfoliating for a few days. LA Skincare’s cleanser is an exfoliating face wash so you are gently exfoliating every day, for some this can still be too much. Combine your exfoliating cleanser with just rinsing your face with water. May be wash at night properly and take any excess make up of daily dirt from your face and then in the morning just rinse with water and moisturise.

Above all please listen to your skin, the idea behind LA Skincare’s range is to swop between the products to avoid your skin becoming dry or confused. You can help it along. Feed your skin nourishment with our chocolate enzyme peel, or our soft as silk – filled with nutrients and essential oils to heal your skin

Please do our skin analysis online and learn about your skin, any questions please feel free to ask