Colder months can affect our muscles & joints


Colder months can affect our muscles & joints and did you know how your muscles react to the cold?

In the cold months that are now upon us, unlike the weather we have had this last few months, cold air brings with it lower barometric air pressure.

This means gas expands when heated and contracts when cooled so the lower air temperature it will causes the air to constrict the result is lower pressure.  This is the same affect on your muscles they constrict and tighten; the soft tissue around your joints expands and it infringes on the joints, which can cause pain that radiates into the muscles making them more prone to cramps and spasms and generate more pain.

This is why you must warm up and stretch, 

It is so important when training in lower temperatures, apart from anything else you need to do this for you cardiovascular system.  Even if you are going into a warm gym to do your training, remember your muscles would have got cold prior to getting in there.

Be kind to them they have a lot of work to do…

Cold Air will also affect any Pre-existing Conditions people have

If you sufferer from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, or have any joint injury you are going to feel it in the cold weather more, because of the nature or these problems they are more  susceptible to cold weather  and how it effects your joints and muscles you are already experiencing pain, so when the winter months come  the changes in temperature and weather will exacerbate your condition, it brings with it more problems than you  already have.

We all know that  Arthritis causes swollen joints, so  when the soft tissue expands around the joints, it causes more pressure and pain.

Regular massage can help immensely in the winter months for anyone with Joint pain, and this is a time of year when you need to keep more active, to keep warm, so massage will enable you to do this.

Use a spa  Steam rooms and Infrared saunas have amazing benefits and will help warm the muscles for the client and can ease those aching joints.